Comprehensive website promotion

Key performance indicators

Return on investment in marketing


Share of advertising expenses


Cost of attracting a customer




Our approach

  • Objectives: Study the client's business, its competitors, and their marketing strategies. Drawing up a plan for the first 3 months of work.
  • As a result, we work according to a precise road map, without the risk of wasting the customer's money.
Finding solutions
  • Objectives: set up and launch marketing tools, test hypotheses, and identify the most effective tools.
  • As a result, we increase the effectiveness of advertising by increasing the share of sales channels that are most profitable for the customer and reducing the less effective ones.
Conversion Rate Optimisation
Conversion Optimisation
  • Objectives: work with sales funnels and constantly increase conversion, improving the usability of the customer's website.
  • As a result, an increasing percentage of interested people become buyers.
Lifetime Value
Increasing Lifetime Value
  • Objectives: working with an interested audience, encouraging repeat sales, working with an average check.
  • As a result, the customer's company's profits increase without an additional increase in advertising budget and increase in the number of regular buyers.

Work stages

We analyze your business and choose the best strategy

We define goals and agree on KPIs.

We define the main sales channels and set up deep analytics

We check or tweak the Google Analytics counters. Installing call tracking and optimization systems. Integrating the data into a single system.

We audit the client's website and business

We draw up a plan to improve the website and the work of the call center to increase business conversion.

Complex improvements to a website

We make technical assignments to improve all factors of the site's ranking in search engines. If necessary, we involve our developers.

We start the channels of sales

We entrust each sales channel to an expert, with the overall strategy coordinated by the lead analyst, who is assigned to the project.

Constant optimization

We give the most profitable sales channels. Inefficient channels that do not bring a positive result are immediately turned off.

Why we're being chosen


We conduct a full audit of your business on the Internet, identify the main triggers, and only then develop an individual online marketing strategy for rapid development and set control points.


The list of tasks, their meaning and priority are always clear to the client and agreed with him. Thanks to flexible process management methodologies, we are ready to change plans. The team works with all possible digital advertising tools.


We will introduce relevant marketing tools and create exclusive content for promotion, we will carry out your product or service «from the zero cycle» to the goal in accordance with the formulated strategy. We have access to beta-tools of advertising systems.


We take responsibility for our actions and we don't hide our problems. For complete clarity in your business, our team has developed a «Customer Account», which allows you to keep your hand on the pulse.


We are engaged in Internet marketing since 2009, and since 2016 - we work in the market of paid traffic. Here you can see our portfolio, case studies on promotion in different subjects, feedback from customers who have trusted our experience.


ROMI-centricity in the strategies used guarantees the client's business the profitability of marketing strategies. Our clients see cases and project roadmaps, know the action plan, and we are confident in the result.

We are trusted

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Testimonials from our customers


We thank EDGELAB for the partnership!

For 4 years of work, this team has established itself as an active group of experts who work in a coordinated and responsible manner. We flexibly set up various formats of cooperation, launched new projects, deeply analyzed the results, and jointly built effective promotion strategies. Productive dialogue, clarity, and genuine involvement are what sets EDGELAB apart from other agencies.

EDGELAB is highly valued and highly recommended by «Clinic MEDIKOM» as a digital partner.

Mariia Vitiaz Marketing Director of PE «Clinic MEDIKOM»

Clinic VARTA

All the collaborations with EDGELAB can be summed up as «turnkey». It's great to have a whole team working on our project and to feel like you're talking to one person, it's such a neat, organized thing.

I'm very happy that in our Ukrainian reality, where business is often started in a chaotic way, there are partners who put a lot of effort to structure all the customer's ideas from the beginning and bring the product to the end user in a way that they can't do without.

Liudmila Svatko Deputy Director of «VISION PARTNER» LLC

Online shop «Gmart»

We cooperate with EDGELAB since 2016. For this period able to promote efficiency from 1-2 orders to more than 100 orders in a day. Due to a studio EDGELAB our online shop has a well carefully thought out website, a comfortable CRM system that allows controlling about 90% of working processes, complete automation of processes of cooperation of employees, and automation of filling the shop with a new assortment. By the way, we extended the storage to more than 2000 positions. Guys, it is pleasant to have business with you!

Roman Kulakov Director of «Gmart» Company

Online shop «Japan Shampoo»

We have been working with EDGELAB Studio for several years since the very beginning of the website creation, the result is also created by EDGELAB studio - we are satisfied with the results.

Several times, together with the team we redesigned and improved the site and added all kinds of functions, and cool!

So we work together. So far everything is OK

Vadim Andriiovych Zavadskii Manager of online shop «Japan Shampoo»

Certificates of Competence

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Frequently asked questions

KPIs can vary greatly depending on the business sector. In addition, these indicators are largely influenced by the effectiveness of the call center and other customer units. Therefore, our task is to help set up business processes so that all the required KPIs improve. But we can only give recommendations. The final decision: whether to follow these recommendations or not, is up to the customer.

Every month the customer receives a report on the work carried out, which contains the results of the work, recommendations, as well as the plan for the next month.

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Other services

We will raise the position of the site in the results of Google search results for certain requests to increase the traffic (number of visitors) of the resource. And as a consequence: increase the number of real customers of your business with the subsequent growth of monetization - revenue from business.

We will process the actual demand for certain goods and services to expand the reach, increase awareness and increase the audience of the business. Result: increasing sales, attracting new and returning existing «hot» customers. We provide services in the areas of B2B and B2C.

We will create (or support) a positive image of your company. We level the impact of negative information on reputation. We will increase the number of controlled resources in the TOP 10 Google search results. We will squeeze out the negative from the first pages of the issue. We will help you set up your brand's Tone of voice.

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We work on weekdays from 10 a.m. to 6 p.m. Applications sent on weekends are processed on the first business day until 10:30 a.m.

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